Brain Stream’s mission is to become the most credible and chosen Staffing, Software Solutions & Management Consulting firm in the industry by providing distinct and quality services to our valued customers.

We go to remarkable extents to find, connect, hire, motivate, manage and retain the best people in their respective areas and provide their services on demand to our clients. Brain Stream manages all staffing hassle enabling our clients focus on their business goals.

Each business encounters cut throat competition in today’s modern world in terms of sales, simply as significantly, usefulness and effectiveness. One constant in today’s business is that it is constantly changing. New businesses are opening up and previous businesses are not what they were. Business drivers like corporate planning, acquisition and divestiture.

Dirty kinds of services can destroy complete of your business efforts. You don’t need to accidently call the wrong point of Contact Company or begin a sale pitch for an item a client has just buying. We only provide top quality services with modern day technology that helps your business rising up and up.

Our key services

Staffing Solutions- We take pride to be a premier staffing provider. Whether it is providing only a few resources or staffing complete project, our staffing solution help customers with the right talent, ability and competence whenever they need them.

Brain Stream provide customers exceptional IT talents to meet their demanding technology opening at both national and local levels. Our IT staff exceeds customer expectations via effective screening mechanism for recruiting talented brains for client engagements.

We offer flexible delivery models for your staffing requirements. We work directly with customers who need both offshore and onsite capacity.

Software Solutions- Brain Stream’s high skilled software developers are offering a complete range of custom software development services for a huge variety of business and verticals domains.

Whether you are a startup or a recognized business, our team will be happy to assist you at each and every phase of the software development from business and prototyping, conceptualization to the development and deployment of an all solution.

So, whether you’re searching to complete outsource a software project or add highly skilled software professionals to your team we provide them for you.

Management Consulting- leadership and effective management is the high note to a successful business. And our role as a highly skilled firm, to analyze operation of company, function and committee role, and propose changes in handling and leadership practices. Brain Stream do not just assist business improve their growth and profitability, we area your partners who will assist you decide that management are great to attain your goals.


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